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Below is a list of some of the sermons our pastor, ministers and guest ministers have preached over the time that we have been recording them.    For one reason or another, we were unable to capture all of them, but we had a desire to make the ones that we did record available to you with just a simple click.  They are all also available on CD.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy on CD, please click HERE to make a request and someone will respond to you soon.  All CDs will be available for pickup at the church on or after the arranged time or one can also be mailed to your address upon request.  We want to thank you for sharing in what we believe are some of the finest messages to bless the pulpit.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17

2008.06.08 Ishi: The God Who Married A Tramp Pastor Mike Gay Hosea 2:14-16


2008.07.27 The Mystery of A Hard Heart Pastor Mike Gay Psalm 95:6-11


2009.07.22 Spirit of Aloneness Pastor Mike Gay Galatians 6:3-5


2010.04.11 God Kneads Us, We Don't Knead God Pastor Mike Gay Ephesians 2:8-10


2014.02.05 Shall We Continue In Sin Pastor Mike Gay Romans 6:1-12


2014.02.23 The Cemetery Is No Place To Live Bro. Donald Cindrick Mark 5:1-2


2014.09.14 To Seek and To Save That Which Was Lost Bro. Gowan Luke 19:1-10


2015.06.14 Power In The Blood Pastor Mike Gay Hebrews 9:11-14


2015.07.19 From Pit To Praise Pastor Mike Gay Psalm 40:1-3


2015.08.09 God's Restoration Plan Bro. Eric Keenan Psalm 51:1-3


2015.08.23 The Battle Before the Breakthrough Pastor Mike Gay Psalm 30:5


2015.10.04 Between Two Rocks Pastor Mike Gay I Samuel 4:1-6


2015.10.25 There is Life After Identity Theft Bro. Donald Cindrick Luke 10:30, 33, Isaiah 61:10


2015.11.15 We Must Preach Jesus Pastor Mike Gay Romans 1:16


2015.11.29 In the Night, Selah…In the Morning Bro. Donald Cindrick Psalm 92:1-2, Psalm 30:5


2015.12.13 The God That Answers By Fire Pastor Mike Gay I Kings 18:17-41


2016.01.17 It's More Than a Thoughtful Invitation Bro. Donald Crindrick Matthew 11:28


2016.01.30 I will Not Go Back To Moab! Pastor Mike Gay Ruth 1:14-18


2016.02.21 There Is No Substitute For Desire Bro. Eric Keenan II Samuel 23:8-16


2016.02.28 How Great Is Our God? Bro. Gowan (plus special with Sis. Gowan) Psalm 77:13-14, 86:8-10, 135:5-7



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